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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best in Music finally being Honored in 2011

With the Grammy Awards coming up this Sunday, who do you think deserves a coveted trophy? Check out the list of nominees and let me know your winning picks! 


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  2. Well, as I posted my last comment, I discovered that the award for the "Best Jazz Vocal Album" has already been awarded to Dee Dee Bridgewater for her tribute album to Billie Holiday.

    Even though Dee Dee is a brilliant singer, I would have loved to see Freddie Cole get the award for his tribute album to Billy Eckstine. While I know the jazz awards are largely ignored, I still think it would have been special to see Freddie Cole get honored. I really believe that he is a very underrated singer even in the world of jazz, and he is still overshadowed by his brother Nat King Cole, even though Nat's been dead for well over 40 years.