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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are the Best Movies and TV Shows being recognized this Award Season?

As the 2011 award season continues, many of the blog followers have shared their opinion on who they are pulling for. The Screen Actors Guild Awards, the latest award show was aired almost two weeks ago, but the winners are still gloating over their statues. The big winner of the night was "The Social Network" and several people agreed with the win. 

"I'm torn between Social Network and Black Swan, both were great movies that I wouldn't mind seeing again," Dion Webb said when I asked who you wanted to win a SAG award. I have to admit, I agree with him when it comes to "Black Swan". What an intense, well made movie.

The first few award shows honor acting, directing, producing, scoring and more, so when it comes to finding time to see all of the nominated shows, it's quite difficult. Adam Niemeyer and Garrett Sabelhaus mentioned that they are not very much into movies, but still found time between their busy sports writing schedules to put in their two-sense. 

"I'll be 100% honest with you, I rarely watch any movies, but the one I saw this year was "The Social Network," and even though I don't have a Facebook account (I tweet!) I was thoroughly enthralled with the storyline from beginning to end," Niemeyer said.

Looks like "The Social Network" was a front runner according to our followers in their choice for best movie of the year. 

Which TV show did they pull for? 

"Steve Buscemi winning an award makes me inextricably happy. I love the guy and I'm glad he's doing so well in "Boardwalk Empire," Gin A. Ando said after the award show aired. Buscemi and "Boardwalk Empire" were the big TV show winners of the night, as the cast won the award for outstanding ensemble in a drama series. 

Sam Elliot agreed by saying: "Yeah for being so goofy looking, Steve Buscemi is an awesome actor and from the limited episodes I've seen of "Boardwalk Empire," he and the show deserve their awards."

My next question is... do you think that the best movies and actors are being represented this award season? Who do you think is being snubbed? 

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