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Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards Choose top Actors by Fellow Actors

The 2011 award season continued tonight with the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, which aired at 8 p.m. on both TNT and TBS. One of the most coveted awards for actors and actresses, the SAG awards are voted on by fellow members of the guild, which include actors and actresses only.

One of the most interesting facts that I found when my boyfriend pointed it out to me: in the SAG award statue in the second most expensive to make of all award statues. Must be that granite base to hold up the Shakespearean figure. It also weighs the most, coming in at a whopping 12 pounds! Better not drop one of those on your foot!

While I am far from a fashion expert, E!'s Live on the Red Carpets pre-show, EVERYONE looked amazing. I think so far this year, this is the best dressed award show. From Rosario Dawson in a faded yellow dress to Hilary Swank's off the shoulder tan gown.

... Scratch that. Any award show with Helena Bonham Carter brings the elegant level down a trillion octaves.

OMG Natalie Portman is showing like no ones business!! She's got a major baby bump! Can't wait to see her win for best actress tonight!!

The most hilarious acceptance speech was Betty White's when in the middle of thanking her fellow cast mates, she felt up her statue. HILARIOUS! She's still got it at 89.

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis introduced Black Swan, as it was nominated for Best Picture. Both looked phenomenal. Yep, I said it. Take a shot of liquor...*

OMG!! Natalie won!!!! Hands down, the classiest acceptance speech all night. I think that if I ever have to give a speech in front of thousands of people, I am going to have Natalie write it for me!

Overall, a successful night for actors and actress, especially for my girl, Natalie.

Congratulations to all the winners and the best is yet to come!

And the Actor goes to...
Outstanding Male Actor in a Drama Series- Steve Buscemi
Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series- Julianna Margulies
Outstanding Ensamble in a Drama Series- Boardwalk Empire
Outstanding Female Actor in a Supporting Role- Melissa Leo
Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series- Alec Baldwin
Outstanding Female Actor in a Comedy Series- Betty White
Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series- Modern Family
Life Achievement Award- Ernest Borgnine
Outstanding Male Actor in a TV movie or Mini-series- Al Pacino
Outstanding Female Actor in a TV movie or Mini-series- Claire Danes
Outstanding Male Actor in a Supporting Role- Christian Bale
Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman
Outstanding Male Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth
Outstanding Ensemble Acting- The King's Speech

*A game my family and I play is whenever someones says something is phenomenal, we have to take a shot of some alcohol because seriously, what in life is really that good? Things are exceptional, but there is nothing that is phenomenal, expect Natalie Portman.


  1. Haven't any of these idiots heard of "Blue Valentine?"
    Are you getting enough info for crowdsourcing?

  2. Mr. Wilson, I think after everyone saw "Half Nelson" they just assumed that Ryan Gosling was actually a crackhead so they didn't bother seeing his latest work. And to be fair, "Lars and the Real Girl" didn't do him any favors.

    I think they got a lot of these right. Alec Baldwin has excelled throughout his career by playing Alec Baldwin in various roles while Christian Bale and Natalie Portman were both incredible in "The Fighter" and "Black Swan" respectively.

  3. I completely agree with you about Natalie Portman! Her acting in Black Swan was phenomenal and then to see her in a romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher illustrates how diverse her acting skills are. This is her year! And yes, I said phenomenal haha.

  4. I'm glad Natalie Portman and Christian Bale won something. I love both of them, haha!

  5. Even though I've never seen that Hot in Cleveland with Betty White, I think she should win some kind of award for being a badass.

    I love watching re-runs of Golden Girls (admittedly it's one of my favorite shows) and she is just hilarious in that.

  6. Betty White's revival is so bloody confusing, but I can't say that I don't enjoy it. She's totally playing up her new image, and that's the best thing she could ever do.

    Well, that and another Snickers commercial wouldn't hurt.

  7. Steve Buscemi winning an award makes me inextricably happy. I love the guy and I'm glad he's doing so well in "Boardwalk Empire."

    Also, @Adam, that's hilarious, man.

  8. Yeah for being so goofy looking, Steve Buscemi is an awesome actor and from the limited episodes I've seen of "Boardwalk Empire," he and the show deserve their awards.

    Alec Baldwin continues to be one of the funniest men on television, and the "Modern Family" cast can't be topped right now. No complaints on any winners from me

  9. Yay for Christian Bale and Natalie Portman! I'm thinking I need to see King's Speech after hearing all the praise it's received.

  10. Christian Bale takes the cake here, and I expect nothing less at the Oscars. I recently saw "The Fighter" and it is INCREDIBLE. Melissa Leo is also extremely deserving.